How can we have a Hindu Rashtra when we don’t even precisely define what Hinduism is!

It is a matter of intense frustration for me when Hindus routinely define Non-Hindu & Anti-Hindu religions to be Hindu. Admittedly, this perversion of Dharma was first promulgated by Nehru & his Hinduphobic lackeys in an insidious attempt to dilute the purity & power of Sanatana Dharma!

It is not at all uncommon to see Hindus on various social media platforms defending Non-Hindu religions like Buddhism & Sikhism and diluting their own faiths in the process. No Buddhist or Sikh would agree that they are Hindus! These religions contain teachings that are in fundamental contradiction to Vedic teachings & their committed followers are fully and correctly cognizant of this fact. One often sees this ridiculous stance even parroted by Hindu Nationalists.

Buddhism is a religion that died out in India some 600 years ago or thereabouts. It thrives in various Asian countries in forms that would be utterly unrecognizable to the Ancient Buddhists of India. The teachings of Buddhism moreover, have evolved after the Buddha’s passing in ways that would be inimical to his original teachings as well as to Vedic Dharma! Buddhism as practiced today is a Soulless & Godless religion that is also intensely Anti-Hindu! This can easily be seen in a casual perusal of Buddhist literature that deals in interfaith issues. Moreover, in India, Buddhism is often used as a political ideology that is positioned to attack Hinduism & India’s unity! Vedic Acharyas like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya & even the Patanjala school have dedicated reams of literature dedicated to refuting the conclusions of this false Dharma! It would be a matter of intense disappointment to our spiritual ancestors to know that we’re not able to distinguish True Dharma from Falsehoods. The fact that we must recognize is that Buddhism as it exists today is most emphatically neither Hindu nor even Indian!

Sikhism is another religion that is considered to be Hindu in today’s India. Nevermind that the Sikh religion itself considers itself to be a mixture of Hinduism & Islam. The Guru Granth Sahib itself is a mixture of the writings of Hindu Saints & Muslim ideologues. The teachings of Sikhism moreover forbid the principle of Deity worship and adopt the Abrahamic dogma of conceiving the Supreme being as an amorphous entity. Moreover, recent political events have ensured that Sikhs consider themselves far closer to Islam theologically & politically than to Hinduism. The most interesting issue here is that Hindus feel obliged to appease a community that is thoroughly inimical to it & is less than 2% of the total population of India. This indicates an extremely low level of cultural self confidence among Hindus.

A viable Hindu Rashtra must be based on the Eternal principles that underpin Sanatana Dharma and not on mere nationalistic values. This requires us to go against acquired conditioning and be willing to acknowledge differences between religions and not attempt to reduce everything to a meaningless & impotent unity. The enthusiastic study of the Vedic Scriptures in conjunction with their authentic commentaries will be a good start to this end though a program of sharing what one has learned by teaching it to others is equally important.


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