Which is more dangerous, climate change or Islam?

The liberal media & their co-conspirators in academia keep bombarding us with climate change propoganda as though this phenomenon has never before happened in the planet’s 4 billion year history! In fact, climate stability has been the exception rather than the norm in the natural history of this planet. So, what are they trying to accomplish by doing this?

The devious left wants the developing world to be denied the benefits of Grid distributed electricity & the consequent industrialization that would result! This would serve a number of their goals. Firstly, it would keep the developing world economically poor & politically unstable in order to better exploit their resources & be susceptible to externally funded forces of social and cultural destruction and disruption. Secondly, it would also enable Africa & the Muslim world to continue to be a net source of unskilled & illegal immigration into North America & Western Europe in order to benefit the super rich with cheap labour & hasten the process of cultural breakdown & replacement among the lower economical segments of society.

Therefore, it’s imperative for them to convince us that the greatest enemy we face is the chimera of climate change & not the reality of Islamic extremists in our midst and often right next door. Constantly, we are told that only a *small* fragment of Muslims are dangerous because they’ve been somehow brainwashed into an ideology that’s foreign to their religion. I’ve even heard the BBC & Indian MSM compare demonic groups like ISIS & Al Qaeda with homegrown activists like the VHP & RSS! The comparison in the case of the RSS is so ludicrous that it’s malicious intent is quite apparent!

Unfortunately, large segments of our media drugged societies believe this balderdash that’s constantly being drummed into into their pathetic, unthinking brains! We need to find ways to reverse this barrage of mind numbing Voodoo zombiefication that the media spews out if we’re going to be able to save the very souls of our ailing societies!

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